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As I said on my home page - welcome to my website and a glimpse of the work I do to help people seeking restoration. I am a licensed practitioner who enjoys working with people to recover from physical and emotional trauma. I offer two forms of therapies through my practice - mind-body  therapy & massage therapy. 


I do this work  because I have experienced the benefits in my own life. I suffered chronic pain in my body for 30 years. I utilized chiroptactic, diet, supplements, exercise, physical therapy over the years with only maintenance effects - very little relief. In 2000 I received a series of deep tissue-neuromuscular massages. Slowly, as the tissues were restored, the pain subsided. For the most part the pain has not returned. I was so grateful for the therapist who persisted with me that I decided to take the same training she had received.


I enrolled in the massage school, Center of Advanced Therapeutics, in Denver in 2001. My educational focus was on advanced neuro-muscular (ANMT) and deep tissue therapy. I also do Sweedish. Most of all I do what you need! I have taken continuing education courses in three levels of CaranialSacral Therapy (CST) and Lymphatic Drainage as taught by the Upledger Institute. My massage practice has been thriving for over 18 years.



Around 2007 I added a new therapy to my practice. As I was doing continuing education for massage I became more aware of the connections between our mind and our body. Around the same time I was introduced to Splankna Therapy. It is a Christ centered mind/body therapy that uses kenisology to address the subconcious mind concerning trauma. I work with clients to release the negative emotional affects of trauma that are difficult to address through talk therapy. This can relieve anxiety, grief, depression, compulsions, phobias and more. I have found this therapy to be highly beneficial to my own personal growth and development. It inspired me to offer it to others and I have been doing it for twelve years.

If you have any questions I'm more than happy to talk with you further. Give me a call! My number is 970-402-6474.


Karin Chapman, ANMT, CST

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